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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going Green

Our city recently started green bin recycling. This makes me happy. I've wanted a compost for years but never got around to it. Then the city delivers a green bin to our house and takes away the green recycling so I don't have to have a compost sitting somewhere in the backyard. What could be better?

Oh right, if the bags that you have to buy would actually fit in the bin. That would be nice.

It took us a while to figure out a system to make green bin recycling work for us. Our cupboards are very thin so J devised a way to attach the bin to the inside of the cupboard door under the sink (next up: the garbage bin on the other side) so that's made it easier.

Now our garbage is almost entirely plastic that can't be recycled and diapers. And hopefully one day diapers will be accepted in the green bins and we'll be all set.


  1. Oh I have so many issues posting comments on your blog! They keep getting erased!

    Long story short: we have organics recycling in Guelph and love it. We've had it a long time (for as long as I've been here, so that's going on 10 years!)

    We also keep it under our sink.

  2. we've had green bins here for a long time but where I am in an apartment we don't have an individual one. It's a great idea though and definately cuts down on waste.