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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All grown up

J and I feel all grown up because we finally took the steps to get our finances in order. We've always had bank accounts and credit cards and debt back in the day. Now we have investments and savings as well.

Back in August we received a tax bill that our bank was supposed to have paid for us. They screwed up the first one so I marched right over to the bank to get it sorted out before the interest started piling up like last time. Silly pregnant K didn't look at the whole bill which said "Paid in Full" in big letters across the bottom. Oops!

The banker was very sweet about it and we got talking about RESPs and TFSAs (education savings and tax-free savings accounts). I didn't want to set up anything without talking to J first. We decided to wait until the baby was born so we could set up everything at the same time.

Fast forward months and months - baby is here - fast forward a few more months - his SIN is here. We can finally go to the bank. The sweet banker was still working there (another thing we've found is that bankers come and go and no one really knows you or your file and it's quite annoying) and agreed to meet with us.

J and I have worked really hard, first to get rid our our debt (mine mostly) and then to save for the house, and most recently to save more and more. We were able to set up some savings accounts and some investments, retirement savings and education savings for our little guy.

It was painless and Baby J was good through the whole thing. He would smile and coo at the sweet banker and she would get distracted and have to start over. Such a ladies man!

Now we're happy that our money is working for us. We will have money when we retire and Baby J can go to school. It's nice having that all sorted out. I'm quite proud of us.


  1. That's awesome! I bet it feels good to have it all organized. :)

  2. good job! that must feel so nice...sadly we have a tonne of school debt whih makes my hair curl. Hopefully someday we'll have some savings and no debt too!!