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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The winter

The winter. It's cold and gray and snowy and snotty. It's not easy to get out of the house. That's why I signed up for a bunch of things, for me and baby and for just me.

Salsa Babies started up today. Another session at a different location. It's a little farther away from my house, but the studio is much bigger. The owner is teaching a new instructor during our class and there are about a million women with their babies. It's fun and counts as exercise especially as Baby J gains weight.

I'm hoping to do the opposite - I'm hoping to lose weight. Well not exactly lose weight. I would be happy to stay the weight I am now, but I'd like to rearrange it somewhat and I'd like to get stronger.

That's where Zumba class come in. I signed up through the city and went to my first class last night. I'm used to a class with new moms, so generally people my age. Well, zumba was full of women much older than me. They were awkward and creaky and groaning. I wasn't full of grace and agility either, but I'm not 80. It felt good to move and sweat and get out of the house sans-baby for an hour.

During the day though I can't just leave by myself so I also signed up for Kindermusik and Baby&Mom yoga. Again, they're both offered through the city. They both start next week and I'm looking forward to getting out and doing something different. We'll see how the kid likes them.

Earlier this week, I went to the community center in my neighbourhood for a playgroup drop-in. These drop-ins are offered three times a week but only once for young babies. I went to the younger one, having being warned that the 6 and under drop-in was loud and busy, often turning away people because of hitting capacity. This drop-in was pretty low key. Only 4 other moms and two women working. There were toys everywhere and resources available. I'm looking forward to seeing people from our prenatal class there, people with babies about the same age as Baby J.

Saturday a bunch of us are going to a city pool. We're going to see how swimming goes over.. if we can get some swim diapers in time that is. I admit, I'm more looking forward to taking the kid skating.


  1. wow look at you!! sounds like you and baby j are keeping good and busy. I have never done classes like that but it sounds like fun!

  2. Holy moley...super busy! That sounds like a full schedule! It all sounds like fun. Good for you!

  3. We'll be sure to go with your guys when skating time begins. If R Baby goes with only S and I, all he'll learn to do is eat Beavertails.

    Yay Salsa Babies!

  4. We'll have an activity every day except Friday together and I'll have zumba on my own once a week. Busy = good, non?

    @L: Ha! Beavertails!