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Saturday, January 23, 2010

No smiles round here

Baby J has been so sick that he isn't smiling. It's sad.

Everything was fine Monday when we went to the hospital. Monday night wasn't great, but we made it to yoga Tuesday morning. It was interesting - the baby was good and I felt good moving my body like that again and my muscles liked the work out. Yes, yoga is now a work out.

Tuesday afternoon SJ came over so I could go to the dentist. Not the funnest thing but necessary. Baby J was good and slept for her. He did not sleep well that night. He was up I-don't-know-how-many times and I was a complete zombie.

We made it to our Kindermusik class Wednesday morning even though I would have much rather been napping. I'm not sure about the class and I'm not sure if it was because I was super tired or I was comparing it to the Gymboree class we tried before. I'll stick it out and hopefully get something out of it, like songs other than head and shoulders because that's all I know.

By midafternoon on Wednesday the lack of sleep caught up with me and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and stay there for a looong time. Instead we spent the afternoon and evening lounging around and watched some tv.

Wednesday night's sleep was no better than Tuesday so we skipped Salsa babies on Thursday. That was for the best since Baby J was now not only sneezing but puking. All that puking makes him tired so he slept lots that night.

I was all smiles when I woke up a little after 9am Friday morning. The kid hadn't made a peep and I slept like a log. I had just settled in to feed him when J called asking me to pick him up from work. Poor guy wasn't feeling well. To recap: I have a cold, Baby J has a cold and is puking and J has a stomach bug. Awesome.

Then the kid gets the stomach bug. Double awesome. We spent most of Friday watching tv and getting puked on. Oh, and doing laundry. Because when everything gets puked on, everything needs to be laundered.

Because of all the puking and pooping, I got on the computer and did what any normal person would do, googled Baby J's symptoms, specifically his poops which were almost white. We found some alarming information so we called Telehealth Ontario and were told that the situation didn't sound so dire, but that we should go see a doctor to be sure. And it's Friday night. Of course.

This morning we packed the baby into the car and went to a walk in clinic. We were called in after almost an hour. The girl then remembered that the doctor doesn't see babies less than one year old. WTF?? Didn't she check us in for a reason? To screen out people like us who had their younger-than-1 sick child in need of medical attention? I almost yelled at her but I was at a loss for words. I could not believe it.

We went to another clinic and were seen pretty quickly. The nice doctor there is sure the kid doesn't need a new liver (thank you for that one, Dr. Google) and just has a virus. First a cold and now a virus that has him puking on everything in sight. Isn't life grand?

I feel like this is something every parent has to go through, Baby's First Cold. We just happened to have that and then Baby's First Gastro back to back. Hopefully he won't be sick for a while after this week. And, just so you know, if your baby is sick and has white poop, he doesn't need a new liver unless the whites of his eyes are orange. Hopefully this post will come up on the next google search.

And hopefully my baby is healthy enough to smile for me tomorrow. It is my birthday afterall.


  1. Your poor family!! Thankfully he's not eating regular food yet, then it's even worse. Hopefully you all get better soon and you're able to enjoy your birthday!!

  2. Thanks S. Hopefully we won't be sick again for a long time.