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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just keep swimming

Saturday afternoon we took Baby J swimming. He loved it!

I know about 20 people on mat leave right now and those people know other people and so on. About a week ago L invited us to go swimming with some people she knows. Swimming!

J was a lifeguard and I swam during the second half of my pregnancy. We couldn't wait to take the kid. We bathed him more often the past few weeks in preparation. He does this thing where when he's in the water sensations overwhelm him and he can't smile. He's focused! We were worried that this and having a ton of screaming kids around was going to be too much and he would cry.

Our little trooper didn't cry once and even made some happy sounds in the pool. We're definitely going to try and go often.

IMG_0071 (Medium)


  1. You both look so happy! ♥

  2. Its so great to see a pic of YOU! You both look like you're having fun. Swimming is so good. :)