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Monday, January 18, 2010

I *heart* you

I took Baby J for his 4-month doctor's appointment two weeks ago. He was a great little guy and only cried after getting his shots. Because he was so quiet, the doctor was able to hear a murmur when she was listening to his heart. She wanted to have it checked out by a specialist. The specialist was a cardiologist at the Children's Hospital (CHEO) and our appointment was today, which was perfect because it was J's compressed day off work. We got to the hospital early and headed to cardiology. We were called only about 5 minutes late, which really isn't bad.

First we talked to a nurse. She weighed and measured the kid and did his blood pressure and oxygen levels. Then the cardiologist and his resident came and listened to his heart. The murmur sounded benign and to confirm they wanted an EKG done but not the ultrasound. The EKG was really neat. A tech came in and stuck about a dozen stickers to Baby J's body - on his chest mostly, but also his arms and legs - then hooked up all the wires. She was just a student so her boss came in while the machine took the readings. She distracted the kid so the machine could get a reading that wasn't marred by muscle movement.

Everything was fine with the EKG and we were out of there in a little over an hour. The kid didn't cry at all even though everyone who came in was sure he was going to cry when the stethoscope was on his skin, or he was being measured, or stuck with stickers, or hooked up to a tons of wires, or having the stickers removed... not our little trooper!

Of course I took some pictures to document "baby's first hospital trip" apart from being born of course. Here he is hooked up to all the wires getting his heart echoed.

IMG_0090 (Medium)

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  1. He looks so cute all hooked up! Glad he's okay and that he was a little trooper for you guys!