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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow suits - yes!

All the snow we got recently really kicked us into gear to find a snowsuit for Baby J. We checked the consignment store near us but they didn't have anything small enough. Baby J is a small kid and probably won't grow into a 12-month suit this year.

I went to see my parents this afternoon and my dad I went to a store near them (Boomerang Kids) and found two snowsuits. They were cheap so I got both of them and once Baby J woke up we tried them and they're big but not too big. He'll probably grow into them over the course of the winter. One is a two piece white and tan (sleeper and bag) Winnie the Pooh and the other is a one piece blue Tigger.

It's a relief to have something for the kid so now we can go out and be relatively sure he won't be too cold.


  1. So if I have this impulse to get a baby snowsuit that looks like a star like Maggie Simpson always had, does that kind of go away when you have an actual human to dress?

    I just wonder do parents still try to maintain baby dignity, or is it a bit of carte blanche for the first bit to amuse yourself, then when they are no longer infants you ddress them like little people?

    Do other people have these questions, and is this an indication of whether I should be a parent? sigh. Glad you'll all be warm this winter!

  2. M - It totally doesn't! We put ridiculous things on Baby J all the time and giggle and take pictures. Thankfully, the nature of little kids and snowsuits lends to the arms out a la Maggie Simpson. It's adorable.

  3. I have a friend who has a baby snowsuit like Maggie Simpson. Oh man! That's why you have a baby.