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Monday, December 21, 2009

Movies and Books

I recently saw the Twilight movie and one of the Harry Potter movies. I had read both books before seeing the movies and can now say absolutely that I enjoy books more than movies-based-on-books.

The Twilight movie was just horrible. I hate to say that because I enjoyed the books. I read all 4 back to back and grew a little tired of the simplistic wording and the repetitiveness, but knowing that they are geared towards teenagers explains both issues. But the movie, it was bad. I'm not sure why they chose the actors they chose, but that was the least of my concern. I didn't like the way a lot of the vampire things were portrayed. With a concept that isn't based in reality, the mind must come up with images to accompany the text. Turns out, the images in my mind were nowhere near the images in the movie and I was left disappointed. Part of me wishes I had never seen the movie and had the images in my mind remained untarnished.

I wasn't as disappointed with the Harry Potter movie. I read those books back to back right after the 7th and final book came out. This was a while ago and I have a bad memory so I couldn't even tell you which movie we watched though I'm sure it was the newest, unless there's one in the theaters now. Either way, I'm sure it was the latest out on DVD. My biggest complaint with the Harry Potter series of movies is that they don't do justice to the entire story contained in the books. They can't. They would be epic movies rivaling the Lord of the Rings trilogy in length if they did.

Again though, with a concept that isn't realistic - wizards and magic and perfectly round glasses - the images didn't match what my mind had come up with. The wizarding world my mind created was so unlike the one in the movie and that alone was distracting. The fact that major plot elements were left out is understandable though unfortunate.

From now on, I think I'll stick with either reading the book OR watching the movie. Though I will probably be convinced the see the rest of the Harry Potter movies when they come out. I can't say the same for the Twilight series. Are there any movies-based-on-books that are stellar?


  1. I usually feel the same way - the movie can never live up to the expectations of the book - that said, I am sometimes surprised by films which manage to take the book as a begining and sort of form their own interpretation of the story ... like V for Vendetta ... and in those cases I like both equally. Fight Club was another good one.

  2. I couldn't agree more. The twilight movies are absolutely terrible, the acting is painful, the characters poorly chosen. Oh well, I am trying to forget the movie and go back to what I pictured in my head.


  3. I'm really not into Twilight or Harry Potter, but I thought the movie "It" was a decent adaptation of the book. (Or at least it's better than many other Stephen King adaptations)

    Oh and "Lord of the Rings" was awesome-Both the books and the movies!

  4. Quackattack: I haven't read either Fight Club or V for Vendetta but really liked both movies. Both books are on my to-read list though.

    Sylvia: Me too!

    Hannah: I'm sorry to say that Lord of the Rings is NOT my cup of tea. It took me three tries to get through the first movie and was appalled when I found out there were two more! I just couldn't do it. Maybe I should add some Stephen King books and movies to my must-read and must-see lists!