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Monday, December 7, 2009

Five Cookies

Saturday afternoon I mashed up some bananas and got baking in preparation for my fifth annual Christmas cookie exchange. Five years of cookie goodness. I decided to try banana cookies but was disappointed with the results.

The exchange was the smallest, most intimate one yet and I liked it that way. Six of us sat and chatted and ate. I didn't feel sick after tasting the cookies because there were so few of them, but they were all good. JP and JK battled it out for best cookie and ended up rock-paper-scissoring for first prize.

Unfortunately the babies weren't on their best behaviour spending a lot of time exercising their lungs and causing havoc in the basement. S and J are totally used to the crying but poor A not so much. Definitely effective birth control for my child-less friends.

The cookie exchange is one tradition I hope to keep going for years to come and next year I hope to make a cookie that isn't described as tasting like a "muffin top".

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