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Monday, December 21, 2009

Closing that chapter

I'm closing the chapter of my life that was pregnancy. The timing couldn't be better because I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day last year. I can't remember if I ever posted about it so here's the story:

Last Christmas Eve J and I went to L&SB's house for a dinner party. In LB's family the big dinner happens Christmas Eve and with it comes an ice cold bottle of vodka to be consumed ounce by ounce until the bottle is gone.

Knowing I was going to do a home pregnancy test the next morning I took my first "shot", my glass conveniently filled with water, and then bowed out. J kept going as did LB and JP. It was a great night - strange for Christmas Eve but fun. Great food and fun times with the vodka buzz everyone had.

We got home and collapsed into bed - me exhausted, J drunk. I woke up early the next morning. Something I haven't done since I was much younger. I'm talking EARLY. I did the test and woke up J. I told him there was a present for him the bathroom. He groaned and hardly opened his eyes. There was no way his pounding head would let him get out of bed so I brought the test to him. He smiled and then asked if he could sleep some more. Get that sleep while you can! (I had to say it but that was probably the most annoying thing I heard from people while I was pregnant. If you could stockpile sleep it would make sense. But you can't.)

Welcome to pregnancy! It was the best Christmas present I've ever received and this year, just thinking about how that felt is present enough. Oh, and looking at my smiling little man. And my new little family.

To close that chapter, other than giving birth I mean, I put away all my maternity clothes. Washed and folded and put away. No more elastic waistbands and empire shirts for me. Now I wear slightly bigger jeans and loose shirts. Ah the post-partum body... not the same.

This Christmas Eve we will not be drinking vodka. And tomorrow morning I will not be peeing on a stick. A new chapter of our lives has begun. Baby's First Christmas here we come!

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