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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 or Baby's First Christmas

All I really want to say about yesterday was that everyone was so generous. J and I got more than we expected and Baby J was showered with gifts. I wish he was able to open them himself and enjoy the chaos. Next year.

The whole day was lower stress than I had imagined it would be. J and I woke up early and had our family Christmas while the kid slept. Two whole hours of just the two of us. It was wonderful. When Baby J woke up, our day really got going. We fed him, clothed him and ourselves, packed the car full and headed out the door.

First was a stop at J's parent's house for round 2. We gobbled up pancakes and got to the gifts. SJ and I got matching Pandora charm bracelets - her charm was a suitcase for her travels, mine a boy for my boy. Very cute. Baby J got a jumperoo. I'm quite excited to open it up and have him try it out. Holding one's head up brings many advantages, jumping being one of them.

Our next stop was at J's grandparent's place. We scarfed down eggs and bacon and got to more present opening. I can't believe everything we got. I like the idea that Christmas isn't all about the presents, but sometimes it is and you have to just go with the flow. We all got clothes and fun stuff.

We left earlier than usual to head to my parent's place. I'm glad we were able to see my family - my parents, my brother and his girlfriend MK. We weren't able to stay for dinner because we had to jet across town to J's aunt and uncle's place. It was a huge family dinner with the turkey and stuffing and Christmas crackers and weird jello dishes.

We made our way home and reflected on the day. Like I said, most Christmases are ridiculously packed with stuff and more stressful than they should be. This year, even though we went all around town, it was a great day.

So far today we've been dealing with the aftermath of the chaos - doing laundry, sorting stuff, making huge piles of paper and plastic from all the presents. Soon we'll head out for more family stuff. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

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  1. Glad you and the family had a great Christmas! It is so much fun when the kids can tear open their year I am sure you'll get to enjoy watching Baby J really enjoy all his presents! How fun that you found out you were pregnant on Christmas!!