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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big Roll

As parents, we get excited at the first smile and the first tooth and endlessly compare our kids to other peoples kids.

I'm quite okay having an average kid. There. I said it. I don't need the biggest or the smartest or the cleanest. I just want a healthy little guy who's content. I want him to be the best at one thing: being himself.

All kids eventually smile and eventually roll over and hopefully go to school and have a first kiss and all that. Yesterday, I excitedly called J at work because Baby J rolled over. I've been making a big effort to put him on his tummy more and it paid off. He can hold his head up for much longer now and rolled onto his back.

Here's a fancy little chart showing all the milestones: Milestones 1-6 months. The thing to remember is that all kids hit milestones at different times and that your kid is not a genius if he can roll over before mine.

Or if he bathes more than once a month. Just saying.


  1. Congratulations Baby J! Mobile Baby J coming soon.

    Same here. Average kid. Though R and J will give each other stiff competition for dirtiest baby. ;-)

    That was well said K, "best at being himself". Here here!