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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Welcome to my new blog!

I'm sad to leave my old space but it was time. This is new and fresh and exciting!

Sometimes, when I find a blog I like, I go back through the archives. If you'd like to know where I came from and read about my life up until now, go to my old blog. If not, no big deal. Enjoy the journey from here.

What made me want the change? Well, it had been a while coming, but it has to do with privacy. This is a public blog and I intend to keep it that way for many reasons, but I won't use my real name or anyone's name for that matter and I'll keep the location non-specific. The real catalyst though was actually on my Picasa page where a random guy added me as a favourite. I don't know this person and feel a little strange about him viewing my pictures and wonder why he would add me as a favourite in the first place. So, the pictures go private and the blog gets moved.

Privacy on the internet is a tricky thing. Everyone I know uses email and most people I know use Facebook or Twitter or online banking or something else that requires at least your name and often more personal information. Is it safe? Nothing is 100% safe, but we do what we can to protect ourselves.

So I'm protecting myself and my little family by starting this blog and sending out the address to not many people. Consider yourself a valued reader.


  1. Love the new blog layout! Looking forward to new posts!

  2. Thanks for including me as a loyal reader! (I am.) :)))

  3. faceless valued reader #3 here, echoing your sentiments that the internet and privacy are definitely not a match made in heaven. Good for you for setting your boundaries and sticking to them.

    looking forward to following the continuing adventures of K!