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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

True Story

Last summer and fall, we went for a lot of walks. We walked lots of the trails around the area. Getting out, getting exercise and seeing new parts of the city was nice. It's something I definitely have been missing so I was excited when a walk was suggested.

Sunday afternoon, we met S&L and baby R at a trail we hadn't been to before. We opted for the snugli instead of the stroller for Baby J for two reasons: Baby J has a flat head (parenting fail) and it gives me more exercise. The trail wasn't super long but it was nice to be out.

At one point, we were holding out bird seed hoping to have birds land on our hands when a lady bug landed on my shoulder. I tried to shake it off and it jumped down my shirt. I freaked out - a bug in my cleavage! J came to my rescue - such a hardship - and had both hands down my shirt digging around for the offending bug. He finally got it and, for good measure, squished it. My hero.

Then, when we were getting ready to go, J was loading the kid into the car and singing to him. He was singing Chubbytown to the tune of Funkytown right when a fat family pulled into the lot and was getting out of their car. They were too far away to hear him thankfully. Let me take you to chubby town!

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  1. 'chubbytown' sounds like it should be a smash hit for our decade. Hilarious! That fat family may not have their caloric intake under conrtol, but they definitely have a handle on comedic timing!

    Sunday way a beautiful day for walking, for sure. Did you succeed in luring any birds to your hand, or only ladybugs?