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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The flu

The dreaded H1N1 flu.

I have to say, since I've been off work I haven't been paying much attention to the world around me. Note to self: get back in touch. I spend my time doing other things, like making sure my little person is fed and clean and happy. Anyways, I know there's a flu, you can't be alive and not know, but I haven't done any reading on it and only know what I've heard on the radio and from the few people I talk to.

I do know that this flu is a pretty big deal and the vaccine is limited and possibly not as safe as the regular flu shot due to it being rushed through the process and made available to the public in time. I also know that the vaccine has just been made available, but only certain groups. I fit in to the first group to get the shot because I live with and take care of someone who cannot get vaccinated - my little guy.

I will admit, I don't normally get the flu shot, the seasonal one. I just don't. I also don't normally get the flu. Knock on wood. But because of my circumstances, I decided it would be a good thing to get the H1N1 shot this year, not that I did anything about it and wouldn't have gotten it without L who got in line and got a wristband for me. That's right, you have to go and get a wristband and come back hours later because it's THAT busy. Incredible. People are standing in line for hours. How is that a good thing? Oh, and have you heard about this? The Calgary Flames skipped the lines and all got the shot. Even their wives and girlfriends.

Anyways, I got my shot last night. A word to the wise: pick the arm you get the shot in carefully. It hurts like hell - my arm is still sore a day later. I had trouble sleeping and getting dressed and showering and lifting things. The nurse asked if I was left-handed. I am so obviously I got the shot in my right arm. Turns out, I sleep on my right side and I do a lot of things with my right hand and arm. I took some Tylenol mid-way through the night.

J has actually been sick for a while now. He was supposed to go back to work Monday, leaving me and Baby J alone together, but he's been coughing up a storm instead. This afternoon, I had a huge headache and felt achy all over so I did the best thing and napped it off. I woke up feeling better so here's hoping I don't get sick and neither do you. And good luck to anyone who wants to get the shot.

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