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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Moving across town when I was younger was life changing. Because of changing boundaries, my brother and I got to stay at the same school, but my grades 4 through 8 were great because of my new friends. The street we moved onto had three other girls my age. We were in the same classes and were inseparable.

Highschool came and then university and we drifted apart. Soon I had moved out of my parent's house for good, bought a house of my own, married and got a real job. Years have gone by.

Thanks to the internet, we've all reconnected though mostly in a Facebook-friend kind of way. These girls were a big part of my life and I remember those years fondly.

I found out tonight from my parents, who still live on that street, along with my friends' parents, that one of those girls has cancer. Cancer. She's 28.

Since we're Facebook-friends now, I won't email or call her, but I'm definitely thinking about her. I hope her surgery goes well and she beats it.


  1. gosh that's a scary thought...people seems to keep getting younger

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this... I hope she gets the support and care she needs. If she's in Ottawa I know their team is wonderful to work with..