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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Light up my weekend

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas. It's too commercialized for my liking and people get so panicky and greedy and downright awful to each other when it's supposed to be a time for family and friends and cheer and turkey.

Why did everybody decide to put up the Christmas lights this weekend? I guess because it hasn't snowed yet and it's mid-November. I don't mind the lights that much but I really don't like the Christmas music that's already being played in stores.

A bunch of years ago I was playing hockey in a league that had games one night a week, Tuesdays I think. Halloween landed on that day that year so I packed up my gear and went off to the arena, leaving J home by himself to deal with the trick-or-treaters. We never had many at our place, so he spent the night sitting in the living room, playing Christmas carols on his guitar. On that last day of October! We're a good match, but Christmas music is something we're definitely divided on.

He was super pleased to hear the music in the stores today and to see the lights when we drove home after dark. In no time he'll be busting out the guitar and playing carols on the piano. And I'll be in another room, shaking my head, waiting for December 27th.


  1. I was driving by a house recently that had a Christmas tree in their living room up already!
    A frickin' tree with lights and decorations on it in November!!

    Why is everyone in such a bloody rush?

  2. I'm with J...LOVE the Christmas music and I put my tree up this weekend...I just couldn't wait!!