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Friday, November 20, 2009

Laughing on a school night

Last night my baseball team had a fundraiser at Absolute Comedy. I went with a coworker and had a great time. It was nice to be out, to see my ball girls and to laugh it up. I hadn't seen any of the comics before so it was a good night of laughing.

One of them asked if we thought childbirth was the worst pain. I didn't clap. No one clapped. I'm not sure why because it totally is. He then went on to compare it to a guy sitting on one of his "grapes". Last year, I probably would have laughed and not really thought about it, but that little joke made me think of the pain. I am a changed person.

And I definitely did the proud mama thing and showed a picture of my little boy to my friends. I took a picture of him sleeping on J's chest (chest naps!) on my cell phone and made it my background. It pleases me to no end.

I got home later than I've been going to bed lately. J and Baby J were both in bed. I told J the jokes I could remember and went and woke the kid to feed him. By midnight I was exhausted and finally in bed.

Going out and seeing people feels so good. Now if only my house would clean itself.

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