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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Costumes and Hallowe'en

You know what's really annoying? Trying to find a costume for a wee baby. Most places have a few baby costumes, but never small enough. For a while, we thought the only costume we'd be able to get for Baby J was a girly one. That's right - we could dress our little guy up as a girl. That's a good costume, right? Not so much.

So I hit Google and hit it hard. I searched and searched and finally found the perfect idea - Charlie Brown. All we needed was black shorts and a yellow shirt - again, hard to find small enough, but the consignment baby store in our neighbourhood delivered. And for less than $5! We put the black squiggly line on the shirt with marker. Our little guy was a big hit at the party.

J was very creative and made himself a Beaker costume. I'm really impressed with how well it turned out. He was also a hit at the party.

My efforts really went into getting my boys dressed up so my costume was severely lacking, but that's okay. I don't much like dressing up anyways.

Thanks to A&S for hosting. We had a great time.


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