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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend or what?

With J off work it's really hard to tell what day of the week it is and even whether it's the weekend. I do know that a weekend just passed - it helped that we had plans during the day with people that would normally be at work. A sure sign.

Saturday afternoon we went to my cousin G's house. Him and his wife just bought a place - an odd 3 story split-level - but he recently took a job across the ocean and leaves at the end of the month. She's staying. Anyways, it was a nice little get together with about half of my dad's side of the family. We hadn't seen the house and they hadn't seen Baby J before. Because of some crappy eating and complete lack of sleeping we got there late, but were able to see everyone and had some good conversations with my cousins.

Heading home we felt good, that's what good times with friends or family can do, but we were tired. Our Saturday night plans included nothing. That's how our lives have changed post-baby. While doing nothing, J's aunt and uncle stopped by to get J to fix a computer problem. J should start charging for his services. He managed to fix the problem and we managed to get them to feed our baby. Good deal.

Sunday afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to a park where some friends were playing football. We talked to them for a while and then walked around. It's not that far from our place yet neither of us had been on the paths. For a while, we spoke to a man who was out with his dogs and an older couple stopped us to moon over Baby J. Want people to talk to you? Take a baby with you. It was so nice to get out. Now all I need is regular exercise and I'll start feeling more like myself.

Sunday night we had a great time at A&Ss place for a late Thanksgiving dinner. S&L & Baby R were there too. We were asked to bring salad but that didn't work so we picked up sushi instead. Imagine eating a fancy turkey dinner with chopsticks... that's what S did. Good stuff.


  1. Is this the start of a sushi-thanksgiving trend?

    What's next... shawarma-christmas?

    It was so nice to see you guys. Next time I'd like a turn holding babyJ. Sylvia can't have all the fun!

  2. OMG. We could have turkey or ham shawarma! Alan, you're a genius.

    I'm sure he doesn't mind, but has J seen this shirt?

  3. If/when I have anything to say about it, I'm totally converting to crock-pot christmas...and concentrating on the candied yams.

    mmm or pot lucks.

    hooray for food.