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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sweat and tears

I haven't been able to run since about April last year. It's been a while so I wasn't sure what to expect when I hit the streets the other day. The requisite six weeks since giving birth had passed and I was given the OK from my midwife. But most importantly, I had enough sleep and a happy baby that I could leave with J for a while.

I bundled up and went outside. Running again came easily and felt natural. It was so nice to see the pavement pass under my feet, to propel myself along the sidewalks, to pass the houses I passed a million times before. It was even better to work up a sweat and get rosy cheeks. Afterward I stretched while Sandy weaved around my legs, just like we did so many times before.

I didn't go hard or fast or far - I was good and I'm thankful for that because the next day and the day after that my muscles hurt. I'm happy I'm able to run again but I'll be taking it slow. I still have to get used to my new body.

Me and my new body are going to try Salsa Babies with L. There's a free trial class this week and a six-week session starting in November. You strap your baby to your chest, either in a sling or the Snugli, and Salsa with other moms. It looks like a lot of fun.

I'm also going to attempt the P90X workout that is all the rage these days. We have the DVDs and some weights. I just need to energy and motivation. Isn't that always the way....


  1. It's truly fantastic that you have the wherewithal to get back out running, I know you'll continue to feel better and better as you go - yay!

    Also: you guys have P90X! I always watch the infomercials and I always think, hell yeah! I can do that! Them I remember that I'm sitting on my couch and probably eating skittles, but whatever, what IS it about that infomercial! Will you let me (us) know what you think of it as you go through it?

  2. I'm so impressed that Baby J is easy-going enough that you rested enough to get back to your regular routine!

  3. Congratulations on the run! I bet that it felt absolutely wonderful. Also, Salsa babies sounds like a good idea but what happens when one of the babies decides that he would rather not be strapped in? Does he convince all the other babies to scream along with him? Bring earplugs :-)

    P90X: Make sure your body is ready for it. I'm sure you'd be able to handle the pain, but don't underestimate the sheer lunacy of the workout. Tony is a little crazy...

  4. @Captain Underpants: We don't have cable so I haven't seen the infomercials, but they must be working since everyone seems to be doing the P90X. Jon has done it, not the past month or so for obvious reasons, but he likes it and is looking forward to getting back at it.

    @Quackattack: I'm only rested enough because J is still home with me. I'm positive things won't be the same come Monday when he's back to work.

    @Alan: Salsa Babies is all about babies so it's totally fine no matter what your baby does. Mine slept the whole class, but some I'm sure yell their faces off.
    Also, after childbirth, I'd like to think I can handle ANY pain, but I'm still a wimp. Funny story: hours after Baby J was born I had to get a shot. I complained about the pain and then laughed at the lunacy of that.

  5. Way to go on the running. It's been almost ten years for me. I injured my achilles tendon in a 10 mile road race and pretty much gave it up after that, but I've been slowly getting back into it with walk/run intervals at the gym. So far, so good. You're wise to take it slow to start.

    I've heard SUCH good things about Salsa Baby from all my baby friends. I hear it's fun for both moms/dads and babies and a great way to meet other new parents. I hope you enjoy it!