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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not MY Wedding

Last weekend was J's cousin's wedding in Kingston. The theme for the weekend was "Well, it's not my wedding!" because I absolutely did not have it all together. Don't get me wrong: we made it and we had fun but I did not feel picture perfect at any point in the day. Thankfully, it wasn't my wedding.

The wedding was blissfully at 3 in the afternoon giving us enough time to leave home that morning. Less time away from home with a new baby is good. Our goal was to leave no later than 12pm. When did we leave? 12pm. No worries. Baby J was good for over an hour in the car and then started fussing and crying and where is the next exit?! We stopped in Gananoque for a pee break and donuts and I jumped in the back to feed the kid while J drove (feed using a bottle NOT breastfeeding, promise!)

We arrived in Kingston and got to the hotel and were able to check in even though official check in time wasn't for another hour. We got our little man in his cute outfit, I pumped and we got ourselves ready. My hair wasn't right and we were all a little frazzled but hey, it's not my wedding!

We got to the church 5 minutes before K and I's ceremony. It was nice - sweet and not too religious-y or long. Our little man was quiet and good until the organ right at the end while everyone was walking out. He wasn't happy then. But he's so cute and oh right, it's not my wedding.

The family was pretty excited to meet him but it was cold standing around outside the church so we followed the wedding party over to where the reception was being held at RMC. There were snacks and drinks and pictures and foosball.

Dinner and speeches and dancing followed. J and I were lucky enough to have some time to ourselves while everyone and their dog held our baby. I think the best line from the night was by cousin E's friend L, "Will you hold my drink so I can hold your baby?" To which I replied, "Of course". I had my first beer since December and danced with my husband. It was nice.

We got back to our hotel room around 1am. We left the baby to sleep in his carseat while we passed out in the king-sized bed. We went to the "Morning After" brunch - their choice of words, not mine - Sunday morning to wish K&I a good time on their honeymoon and then we hit the road.

We were gone for just over 24 hours. I would call the trip a success. Congratulations K and I and yay us for going out of town with baby.


  1. how exciting that you have a blog! Make sure you check ours out, I put some pics of the wedding up (not many but some!). It was great getting to hold a cute little baby since mine weren't there with me!

  2. Sounds like a good time. Great foosball pic of Da Boyz too!

  3. What a coincidence, I just got back from someone else's wedding in Toronto.
    They didn't have foosball though.:(