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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 1: The ups and the downs

The first week of being a parent was amazing but exhausting. The days are flying by but I'm not getting much done - though I guess I should count showering once a day an accomplishment. I'm quite happy with my body and happy with the care we've gotten from the midwives. I'm happy.

We chose to stay in the hospital overnight and into the next day so that Baby J could get some blood taken at 24 hours. We didn't realize we had to wait for the results as well so we ended up leaving after 10pm the next day. It wasn't too bad though. We spent the night being checked on by nurses every shift and just getting used to having a little person to care for. Our room was freezing and J's "bed" wasn't too comfy, but we survived. We were able to see our friends S&J who were just down the hall with their new little man, C. We saw the midwives in the afternoon and got the blood work done when it was time. The results were good so we were free to go. After dressing our little man in clothes for the first time and having the car seat inspected we were good to go. I was so happy to be heading home.

On the way out I weighed myself. I put on 38 pounds over the 9 months and the only stretch mark I got is where my belly button is pierced. I kept seeing myself in the mirror in the bathroom after the birth and marvelling at my little tummy. The weight gain was gradual, but the change afterwards was immediate. I was curious just how much weight I'd lost, knowing it had to be more than 7 pounds and 10 ounces. Turns out it was 14 pounds. And after the first week I've lost another 4. The first time J and I hugged was great and it's only going to get better. 20 pounds better.

Breast feeding is apparently good for losing weight. Some people do it and others don't and it can be a heated topic, but in my mind it's a natural thing and much cheaper and easier than formula feeding. I wanted to breast feed Baby J and was pretty upset when it wasn't going well. I was pumping and J was using a syringe and feeding tube to feed the baby. The midwives came to see us at home on days 2 and 3 but by day 3 I was dealing with engorgement - my milk came in but because I wasn't able to feed well it had nowhere to go. Let's just say that I was in a ton of pain and we tried everything. After about 36 hours and all of the things we tried, the swelling went down and I was able to try breast feeding again. By the end of the first week we started to get the hang of it. Goal #1 was to establish breast feeding, meaning no more pumping and no more having J feed the kid. Done! Goal #2 is to get better at it. Still a work in progress.

The midwives have been great. Like I said, we saw them in the hospital the day after the baby was born and at home the next two days. They check both me and Baby J out every time we see them. Baby J is doing what babies should do and I'm healing well. Going with midwifery care versus an OB is another topic that divides people and obviously we went with the midwives and are so happy we did. I would recommend it to anyone for their low-risk pregnancy. We see them again but in the office when Baby J is 2 weeks old.

J and I have had many moments where we're laughing hysterically over things we're done in our sleep-deprived state or things that Baby J has done. Two times I panicked because I didn't know where Baby J was. I'd wake up and find myself alone. I'd go and find J and ask him where the baby was. He wouldn't know. How could he not know?! Turns out the kid was always close by and safe, but man, those few seconds were awful each time.

We do make a great team though. We tag-teamed feeding for the whole week and have each managed to shower every day. We're sleeping enough to function, though not enough to not be stupid and forgetful. We left eggs boiling on the stove until the water was almost gone for example.

We are so lucky to have people come to see us and help out with things - food especially. I'm not great at asking for things, but I did and you all came through. Thank you. It's so nice to have family and friends we can depend on. It's also nice to show off our little man to everyone.

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  1. I love these updates. Thank you for taking the time! You guys sound like you are adjusting well and you guys make a great team. Yay!