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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Out of shape

I got the OK from my midwife to start exercising, light exercising. We've been walking when it's nice out, but today I did some pilates and some weights. I am SO out of shape it's ridiculous. My muscles were cramping almost immediately and I'm already sore. When I was 19 and had mono, I was in bed for 5 weeks straight and lost a ton of weight - mostly muscle mass - and was out of shape after that. I needed a while to build up my muscles and my stamina and endurance. This time, I spent about 3 weeks doing nothing and the result is the same. I can't believe it.

So I'm starting from scratch and I'm determined to get back to where I was. I'm not planning on running a marathon any time soon, but I would really like to lose some weight (slowly, guaranteed) and get strong again. In another 3 weeks, I should get the OK to do more than just light exercise and I plan on starting the P90X workout that J (and the whole world) is doing. I also plan on running again and maybe swimming.

Swimming was all I had there for about 3 months and I'm finding I'm missing it. It's interesting, missing something like swimming even though I'm not a very good swimmer. I also miss drinking tea and eating pineapple and our nightly walks. Thankfully we've started walking again and now I can lie on my stomach and bend over without having a watermelon in the way. I don't have to get up to pee every hour during the night and hugs are closer and better than ever.

Lots of changes and more to come.

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  1. Maybe you could join one of those 'mommy and me' swimming classes when your baby is old enough. That could be fun.:)