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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Ultrasound - We went for the ultrasound Thursday morning and everything is looking good according to the tech. And since we haven't heard from the midwife yet, we're assuming things are fine. We have another appointment Tuesday so we'll find out for sure then. I took the preliminary report the tech gave us and Googled all the results. The only thing that looked a little off to me was the amount of amniotic fluid. I don't know the units, but mine was measured at 7 and I read that less than 5-6 is considered too little and 8-18 is considered a good amount. What about 7?? Ah well, Tuesday will be here soon enough.

Work - After the ultrasound I went to work for a bit. I wanted to drop off a little gift for J&M who are expecting about a week after me. I was able to see a lot of people and I have to admit it was an ego boost when everyone told me how great I looked. Thank you, work friends. Then I went to lunch with 4 of them. After all that, I needed a huge nap. Sandy didn't mind.

Weather - All of a sudden, we went from having the AC on and the fan blowing at night to it being freezing cold. Honestly, the change was so dramatic and so quick that I really can't believe it. I was hoping that since we had such crappy weather June and July that late August and September and even October would be warm and beautiful. And now it's raining like mad. Both J and I thought we had animals living in the walls after all the noise from the wind and rain last night. Turns out pieces of the house that allow air in were loose. J crawled around in the attic and fixed the problem. Such a handy guy.

Birthdays - S&S are both August babies so we had dinner and cake last night at S&Ls place to celebrate. I did a great job barbecuing and burned the first bunch of hotdogs. Thankfully burgers take longer to cook so all was not lost. I seem to remember we were at the cottage around this time last year celebrating these birthdays by getting really drunk and skinny dipping. How things change....

Getting ready - There are things you can do to naturally induce labour. Ever since I hit 37 weeks, which is considered full term, I've been trying these things. Who knows if it's helping or if I'll be late no matter what I do. Either way, I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating pineapple, eating spicy food, walking more, and some other things I'd rather not mention (but if you're really curious, do a Google search on the topic). What I've noticed is that my Braxton-Hicks contractions (practice contractions) have gotten more powerful and more frequent and I have a lot of pressure/pain down low. Last night, I felt off so I went to bed and just lay there thinking "If this is labour, we're not ready." About an hour later, I felt normal again and fell asleep. Today we went and got the playpen, where baby will likely sleep for the first bit (days to weeks to months, depending on things) and the diaper bag. I have things put aside for the hospital bag and have talked to our families about not coming to the hospital (we don't plan to be there long). A couple more things to do and organize and likely wash and then we will be completely ready. And when I say 'completely ready' I mean 'as ready as we'll ever be' for this life-altering event. J really wants to meet our squirming little man.


  1. exciting!!!! Back in the day (meaning when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I had my first baby) it was milk chocolate that was supposed to start labour. Not dark chocolate - milk chocolate.

    I had my first a week before his due date after attending a baby shower for someone else... and eating....wait for it....

    Chocolate cake.

    So there you have it.

  2. re: getting ready. I certainly enjoyed my couple of weeks of natural induction... except for the red raspberry leaf tea. Bleck. I still have some if you run out. I also recommend going for a massage, having your partner tell you how much they love you and appreciate all the work you're doing. Again, not sure if it works, but can't hurt. ;)

    Thanks for bbq'ing, Chef. We'll be getting drunk and skinny dipping again in no time.

    Go team B-Day!