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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

J Family Reunion Weekend

Last Friday I picked J up from work at lunch time so we could head to the cottage. Almost 25 family members gathered for the weekend reunion. There were games and cheating and swimming and knee boarding and volleyball and eating and lounging and napping and sailing and raining and laughing and turtle hunting. It was a jam-packed weekend and my only complaint was that I turned orange because of the iron-rich water.

Each family was responsible was dinner one night so meals were taken care of - we ate really well. I'd like to say that we slept well but we didn't. Me because I'm the size of a whale and J because he was sharing the 3/4 bed with a whale. But it cooled off every night so I wasn't the uncomfortable sweaty mess I thought it would be.

Everyone was given a duty. I was official photographer and I think I did a good job. We have hundreds of pictures from the 5 days and J was a sweetheart and went through them to make a manageable amount to send around. Family, they are coming soon.

Congratulations S&L!

Monday afternoon I received a text message from L saying that she had her baby. No details so I texted back demanding she call me. I couldn't stand the suspense. Baby R was born early early Sunday morning and after having seen the pictures and held the little guy Wednesday, I can confirm he's adorable. S&L seem to be doing well and adapting to life as proud parents of the baby who took a massive dump right after being born. Massive.

I have now held a three-day-old baby and only got peed on once. It makes me a little more anxious for my little baby, but I can wait a month for that.

Back in the water

Thursday and Friday I swam. Indoors, but still, it was incredibly nice to be back in the water and to be getting some exercise. I slept better the past two nights because of it.


It's nice being home after having been at the cottage for 5 days. And to have a weekend so soon after (meaning J is around) is nice too. Sandy was super happy to see us and purrs with more gusto than before. All we have to do is desert her for a bit and she loves us extra when we get home.

My days are starting to fill up. Lots of things to do and people to see. It's typical for the summer but tiring for me.

At least today is a day full of no plans and no rush to do them. A nice little Saturday.


  1. I'm assuming there was a colour-coded op order for said family reunion. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :)

  2. Sounds like a great time! (minus turning orange)

    No pictures for us to see? :)