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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not a good hermit

My big plan for yesterday was to not leave the house. I managed just fine until late afternoon when J, implying that the bad things that happened when I did leave the house were petty and small and insignificant and only mattered to me because I'm a hormonal wreck, decided we were going shopping. J does NOT like to shop so I have to take advantage of these rare moments of weakness when he thinks shopping is a good idea. Plus I had spent most of the day huddled in the safety of my own house, free of toxic bugs and police cars and whatever else was out there to get me.

We went to Sleepy Hollow to look at cribs. It was closing in under an hour so we made our way around the huge showroom, quickly passing cribs that were way too much money, but finding a nice one that wasn't incredibly expensive. And it came with a mattress. And it matches the wood on the bed and dresser already in the room. And they'll deliver it for free. And bam! We bought a crib! It's being delivered Wednesday afternoon. Another reason for me to stay home for half a day.

After that we went to Walmart - again, J's idea and who am I to argue. The trip wasn't bad, in and out really, but we didn't get anything. Then we went to Babies R Us and basically cleared up the rest of our registry. It was a good BRU experience because we didn't have to deal with the staff at all. We've found that they are generally hard to find and not helpful when you do find them. We got a monitor and a contoured change pad and some sheets and other little things. Babies do need stuff. You should see the room now. It's crazy and now I have tons of laundry to do.

We had left SJ's car at J's parent's place Friday before heading to A&S's so we went there. His parents were home from the cottage and graciously let us eat half the pizza they had for dinner. We went through the pictures from the big cottage reunion weekend but I had to quit early. Apparently toxic bug sickness may be an actual cold or flu and I was not feeling well. I took our car and made J, in SJ's car, stop and get some orange juice. I think I lasted until 9pm. I slept for 11 hours and am feeling a little better today.

Today's plans are still up in the air though I just may start with some laundry. I have a room full to do.

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