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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Late last night I decided I didn't want to leave the house today. Yesterday was a rough day - definitely had it's good parts, but overall it was draining.

This was by far the busiest week I've had since I stopped working. And even when I was still working, I was getting to bed earlier than I did all week and managing alright. This week though, blech, I'm glad it's over.

Thursday night was my last baby shower with my baseball girls. It was really nice to see them and eat good food and play silly games. I got home really late. Sleepy J made a comment from bed about being glad I wasn't dead. I should have called. I slept on the couch in the basement so he could get good sleep (he hasn't been sleeping well) so waking up just after 4am in the basement by myself was disorienting but not the end of the world. I slept about as well as I've been sleeping lately - not great but not terrible.

I took Friday to vacuum the house. I got my hair cut and then grabbed J from his parent's house so we could go to A&S's place for dinner and my photo shoot. For some reason, right after we got in the car, I completely lost it... oh right, when J was getting in the car, he bonked my head and I bit my tongue. Nothing, right? Not when you're 8.5 months pregnant. I teared up, pulled over and got him to drive. I cried most of the way across town. Thank you, hormones.

Dinner was nice and the photo shoot was a success. I will never again yell at the girls on the Top Model shows when they struggle through photo shoots. I found it incredibly hard but thankfully A was a great coach and I'm sure the pictures turned out great. (His website.) On the way to the park where we did half the shoot, a bug flew right down my throat. I managed to cough it up and then chomp on it. It was toxic and my throat is still sore. I looked at it with a flashlight when I got home and sure enough there are white spots and red irritated skin. No wonder I've been craving orange juice.

Being physically exhausted, feeling sick from the toxic bug, and other things led to another break down as soon as I got into bed. I'm hoping today will be better, but I may not leave the house. Hormones be damned!

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  1. Aw. Stay home and pamper yourself today - you've earned it. Especially that whole bug thing. ~shudders~