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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy week - proud and not so proud moments

This week has been incredibly busy. I had/have plans every night but one and it's tiring me out. I'm not sleeping like a champ anymore and have a hard time fitting in naps. Imagine if I was still working....

Sunday afternoon, SW hosted a baby shower for me. It was pretty low key - only 7 people including me, but it was really nice. We talked, ate, played games (that didn't make me look or feel stupid) and I opened presents. People are SO generous. Being pregnant has shown me that, over and over. So, thank you to everyone who came out and to A&S for hosting. (Proud.)

I was lucky to also see pictures from A&S's big biking trip and hear about S's near-death experience. Crazy times.

I was out of the house most of the day and finally came home to J. He had fended for himself and made some incredibly good chicken wings with a recipe from L&S(B).

Monday I swam (Proud.) and we had our third prenatal class at night. The class was good - we learned about comfort measures and pain management options. I demo'd one of the comfort measures in front of the class. I stood up and the instructor asked how far along I was. People gasped when I said 36 and a half weeks. One poor girl had her partner ask if that made her feel bad (J said she was much bigger than me and not as far along) (Not proud.) J liked the demo because he thinks the instructor is pretty. We learned a lot and I'm liking all the options available, though I still would like to attempt labour and delivery without medication. Why not try? (Proud.)

Tuesday was my off night with nothing scheduled which turned out to be a good thing because I was so tired. We met our second midwife in the afternoon and found out that things are still looking good: my blood pressure is good, I gained 1.5 pounds over the past 2 weeks (putting my weight gain so far at 29.5 pounds) (Proud.), baby's heart beat is good, baby is still head down (Proud.) and already partially engaged (awesome!) We were both able to feel the little head - incredible! We were given homework. I haven't done any of it yet. (Not proud.)

Wednesday (yesterday) I went to S&L's for lunch and to hang out with baby R again. I also got to meet S's parents who are in town for a little while. Baby R looks pretty much the same but is keeping S&L up more so than last week. Both S and the baby had naps while I was over. This time I didn't get peed on! (Proud.)

Last night, I went across town to have dinner with all the ladies on my dad's side of the family. Eight of us gathered at Biagio's, a little Italian restaurant, and ate and drank (water for me!) Again, I was so surprised with everyone's generosity because I opened so many presents. My little kid is going to be clothed for the next year without any help from me. (Proud.)

Today I really wanted to have a good day. I got some things done and decided to go swimming at the outdoor pool since it's so hot out. I got pulled over for speeding on my way (Not proud.) but the ticket was knocked down and I only have a fine to pay (Somewhat proud.) The cop seriously seemed to feel bad and even asked if it was the hormones. I said it definitely wasn't considering I was driving the way I always do on that road. (Not lying to a cop or crying to get out of the ticket = Proud.)

I got to the pool, ran into JP and found out the pool was closed for unknown reasons. I went to the indoor pool where I normally swim and managed to get in my 20 laps. I think I'm starting to slow down because I didn't feel as good as I did Monday or last week (Not proud.) Oh well.

Now I'm home and trying to relax before heading out tonight. There's a get together with the baseball girls who I didn't see much of this summer since I wasn't playing. It'll be a good time as long as I can stay awake!

Tomorrow's big plans are to get my hair cut and to do a photo shoot with A. I'm quite looking forward to it and have been gathering ideas for shots.

Oh! Almost forgot: today my baby is officially full term (37 weeks). I have incubated this little guy for the past eight and a half months and he's ready to go any time now. (Proud.) I wouldn't mind him coming a little early but coming on the due date of September 3rd wouldn't be a bad thing. I tried so hard to not get attached to that date, but it happened. Slowly, over time. Either way, we're looking at B-Day being sometime in the next 4 weeks. Crazy!


  1. I loooooove these updates. You sound like you are doing awesome!

    Less awesome is that cop actually suggesting to you that you might actually be incapable of driving safely due to your ladyparts. Good for you for telling the truth and also for not asking him if his man hormones gets in the way of him deciding whether or not to use his seatlbelt.

    This is countdown territory! Yeehaw! You sound really healthy and happy and I'm so HAPPY for you two!

  2. wow it sure sounds like it has been a busy week for you! And I didn't do an official count but it looks like the prouds definitely outnumber the notprouds. That's a win.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. Umm, I am also proud that R did not pee on you. He's learning his manners! Rule one of life: don't pee on guests.
    Thanks for visiting!