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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do you do all day?

"What do you do all day?" is a question I get asked all the time now. I admit, when I was planning on having two weeks off before my due date (September 3rd), I wasn't sure what I was going to do with myself. Two weeks? At home, by myself? Would I be bored? Lonely? Okay? Sad? Excited? I had no idea.

Now that I'm off, earlier than expected, with 8 weeks sans baby ahead of me, let me tell you how happy I am. Sure, I've had moments of boredom but nothing compared to what I thought I would have.

So, what DO I do all day? Well, I sleep in a little (I planned on getting up with J every day but that just hasn't happened), I internet leisurely, I swim, I walk, I do house-y things, I read outside, I read inside, I stare at Sandy, I talk on the phone.. I do lots of things. It's quite nice actually.

I'm not sure Sandy would agree because I constantly interrupt her naps to get up for food or to pee or to do something else. I'm coming and going and I'm sure she's sleeping less than when she has the house to herself all day every day.

Even though I'm keeping busy, I love when J gets home. It used to be that Sandy would greet us when we got home. Now, Sandy and I greet J when he gets home.

I've been in to work twice since my last day. Once was to get all my paperwork signed and to pick up some things from coworkers I didn't see before I left. The other was to drop off my parking pass I forgot earlier and to swap a movie for a book. I'll have to go in again to drop off the last book I borrowed from a coworker and also for some baby showers coming up.

I don't miss my work but I do miss a lot of my coworkers. I miss getting the two free papers every day and doing the crosswords. I miss the routine, sorta. Overall I'm extremely happy being a little stay-at-home pregger though. I think J likes it too since I'm much less stressed, much happier, and his laundry magically gets done. Now I just have to work on keeping the fridge stocked and coming up with ideas for dinner every day. Baby steps. Literally.

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  1. J is experiencing the magic of house elves, who get the laundry done, stock the fridge and tidy up the shoes in the closet!

    I'm glad you're adjusting well, sounds like you have a good routine worked out.