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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swimming, version 2.0

I've been swimming at a local pool for the past two months. My goal was to go often enough to make buying a 3-month pass worth it. I can't remember what that worked out to, and I could go crunch the numbers again if I wanted, but I'm not going to.

My big plan was to try and swim three times a week since I can't run anymore. I've gone that often only a couple of weeks but that's okay. I'm getting used to swimming and can see that I'm actually getting some exercise, mostly because I'm incredibly hungry after I've swam and I almost always need a nap that day.

Being off work has helped get me to the pool more often. And being in the water feels good because I can forget the extra weight I'm carrying around.

Last week I went and saw my baseball team play. I talked to my friend JP who is a teacher and is off for the summer. She said she'd like to come swimming with me and found out that an outdoor pool near her has lane swimming. She went for the first time this week - I couldn't go with her because of a lunch date with L, but I went to the pool today by myself.

Swimming outside is awesome! Part of being pregnant and having a huge belly is that my back never sees the sun. Well it does when I'm swimming! Two birds with one stone. I think I'm a convert. Plus, being outside, it doesn't smell or feel as toxic as swimming at an indoor pool. I'm quite pleased.

I'm hoping to go at least once next week - no judging, we're at the cottage tomorrow until Wednesday and I have a date either Thursday or Friday next week at lunch already - and then regularly after that.

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