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Friday, July 17, 2009

Less than 50

When you have a countdown that starts with hundreds of days, getting down to 50 left is a big deal. Since I'm a bad blogger, it's now less than 50 days until B-Day, where B stands for Baby.

Here's what's new in my world:

- We had our second appointment with the midwives. I'm still thrilled at having a midwife and not an OB even though they don't know us well yet. The baby is still measuring small but is growing from one appointment to the next. Being my size and shape pre-pregnancy hopefully accounts for a small baby. If so, I'll take it. I will also take any and all compliments on my abs.

- I was having a lot of practice contractions (called Braxton-Hicks, or, if you're J, Miles Briggs contractions) which I'm blaming on the stress I was under at work. The number of contractions per day has gone down significantly since I've been off work.

- Being off work is heavenly. I can't believe it took me 4 days to vacuum, but when you set one goal for yourself every week, it's okay if it takes 4/5 of the week to accomplish said goal.

- I have read the first two books in the Twilight series and have just started the 3rd. They are on-par with Harry Potter though I don't think will ever garner the following that that series has. A high-school love story cannot compete with wizards and dragons, even if vampires are involved.

- I am slowly working on getting more and more time in the pool and more and more colour on my pale skin. Swimming during the day with mostly older people has been interesting so far. I get a lot of comments and questions about my "delicate state" and have even been called "Sue".

- I'm looking forward to my 4th Green Day concert tonight and possibly going to the cottage this weekend. The cottage will depend on the weather forecast right before we go to the concert. I'm not overly optimistic, but either way will be rocking out tonight. I'll be sure to drink a lot of beer and inhale enough smoke to seriously harm the baby. Jokes! We'll be sitting in seats far away from all the typical concert behaviour that will be happening.

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  1. *snerk*

    I've been called worse things than Sue....