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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Green Day and Rain

The Green Day concert was great. The Bravery opened for them and both J and I weren't impressed. We checked them out on YouTube before we concert and found we recognized their music, but they definitely weren't great live. The lead singer seemed unable to hit notes and wavered a lot.

But Green Day. Green Day! This is a band that is awesome live. I loved all the pyrotechnics, in one song in particular, the lyrics are "bang bang goes the" something something.. and the bangs were actual bangs from things exploding. Fun!

My belly was jumping the whole concert. Three hours of jumps and twitches and spasms. Did we ever sleep well last night.

We slept so well that we slept half the day away. I'm not used to that anymore so was kind of surprised when the day sped by. A rainy day in town - no cottage for us.

We're slowly accumulating baby gear. I had a shower at work two weeks ago and after having so many contractions we went out and bought the car seat (the car seat is the only thing you "need" because they won't let you leave the hospital without one AND by getting one, we're assuring the baby will stay in the oven until B-Day) and today we got the stroller (thanks M&JMJ!)

I think I've mentioned before that we had only two options for car seats and strollers when it came to them fitting in our car. Having a Yaris has it's perks, but extra space is not one of them. So we chose the Chicco Key Fit car seat and the I'Coo Targo stroller. Soon the car seat will be living in the car (as a preventative measure I mentioned earlier) and the stroller will be wheeled around the house, hopefully with Sandy in it.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring... maybe another blog post, but maybe not.

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