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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I had my leave approved yesterday meaning my last day of work is tomorrow! I'm super excited and can't wait to stay home. Months ago I was unsure what I was going to do at home for the two weeks before my due date. Now I have 8 but I'm really looking forward to it.

We went to the cottage for the first time this year this past weekend. The weather was not summery at all Saturday and I ended up bundled up inside the cottage reading most of the day. Relaxing but not what I was expecting. Sunday was much nicer so I read on the new boat. J and I went looking for turtles and saw a huge snapping turtle! I was so surprised - I didn't know snapping turtles were in the lake. Now I know there's at least one.

It was hard coming back to work yesterday and so I napped when we got home. Big mistake! I slept for 2 hours and that meant I didn't fall to sleep until after 3am last night. I have a feeling it's going to be a long day. But it's my second last day of work so who cares!


  1. wow - tomorrow! That is quick.

    Schoooool's out... for... the summer!

  2. Woo time off! I hope the weather improves. Its been cold and rainy and its bloody July! Warm up please!:)

  3. really happy for you, and I know you will definitely enjoy your 8 weeks off prior to the new member of your family arriving. :)

  4. Congratulations, you definitely earned this. Congratulations. I think you'll be fine fillin gup the time. Maybe use your time at work today to make an extensive book list from the library!

    xo chick!

  5. Sounds like a great plan. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm already enjoying my time off. I might just head outside to read while lying in the sun... isn't life grand?