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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That time that I tore the house apart

This past weekend I acted like a tornado and ran through the house making a huge mess. You would think we'd just moved in. I think they call it nesting.

Earlier I had emptied out our spare room so I could *start* thinking about putting a baby in there. All that stuff went in the computer room and the hallway. Then I emptied out the bathroom so it could be painted. All that stuff went in the spare room. Are you seeing a trend?

Knowing that a lot of our stuff needed to find a new home, most likely in the basement, I emptied out the basement basement (our basement is half finished, one side is basement basement with the furnace and laundry and storage and the other is where we watch tv) into the living area basement.

The good news is that I got rid of a lot of stuff that we had kept, either from the move or from buying things. Boxes and boxes with plastic packaging and manuals and spare parts - a lot of it is getting recycled/thrown out. I was able to get the basement basement somewhat put back together and have only to go through some other boxes to see what else is to be kept and what can be chucked. And then I can start migrating some stuff down. We also have some things to get rid of so I'm going to check out and freecycle to see if I can find people who want it instead of throwing it out. We're not the garage sale types.

The other piece of good news is that we got the first coat of paint done in the bathroom. The floor tiles are blue and the counter is grey and the walls were the brown-off-white colour that we chose when the house was built. It was driving me crazy. Now the walls are almost white and after another coat of paint will be perfect. That hopefully will happen tonight. As soon as the second coat of paint dries I'm putting everything back on the walls and in the closet and the spare room will be empty once again. Then we can start thinking about a crib and a chair and whether we want to have the 3/4 bed in the room too. It's not the biggest room.

So it was definitely a busy and productive weekend. I also managed to vacuum, go swimming and lie outside while J worked on the deck (I slathered on the sunscreen because I am still peeling from my burn almost 3 weeks ago). His plan for the deck is to have it finished - the rest of the railings and the stairs - by Sunday. We're picking up more wood tonight. We're also going to pick up some storage bins so we can have somewhere to put whatever we decide to keep from the basement.

Everything is slowly coming together and eventually my house won't look like a war zone. For now, a little chaos is okay. Having people over Sunday gives us a deadline and I definitely work better with deadlines.


  1. I'm finding your updates more and more entertaining the closer we get to B-Day (by which, I of course mean Baby Day). Sad I'm not there to witness it in-person :P

  2. I always wonder how many readers I've lost or gained since blogging about being pregnant. I'm glad to know I'm not boring you to death.