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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Terrible Memory

Just last night I remembered why I was so tired Thursday, apart from the fact that I didn't sleep well Wednesday night. Thursday I was scheduled for my rhogam shot. This is a shot that all pregnant women who have a negative blood type must get during their pregnancy. If you don't get it, your body can build up antibodies to your baby's blood and a lot of harm can come to the baby. If you want more information (an educated description perhaps), please read up on it. Here's a link to a wikipedia entry.

I had to go the a hospital to pick up the shot. I had instructions to go to emergency and they would direct me to the correct place. Apparently my instructions sucked because emergency had NO idea what I was talking about but did tell me that I couldn't possibly have wanted "transition medicine" but probably "transfusion medicine". Sure. I go and find admitting where they tell me to hightail it across the hospital campus to a family clinic area.

Have I mentioned that it was hot out? And I'm paying for parking? And I didn't bring any snacks or my water with me because it was supposed to be a super quick, in and out thing? It was all those things.

I get the the family clinic where I'm directed to the basement. Right, you want me to wander the bowels of a hospital. Sure! Sign me up. Sure enough, transfusion medicine WAS in the basement, hidden well away from the elevators. But it was the correct place. They knew I was coming yet I still had to wait for them to prepare the shot. I'm hungry and thirsty and hot and tired from the running around (let's just say that not being able to exercise and carrying around some extra weight is definitely taking its toll on me) so I sit and I wait. I am finally given the shot after being grilled about bloodwork that I didn't have done (wtf?) and left. I found my way up from the basement, back through the hospital and to my car. I paid for parking and set out for my doctor's office across town.

I was told to bring a cooler with me so the shot could stay chilled for the ride. Of course I forgot a cooler so I cranked the air in the car and set out. The car was not getting any colder. Finally I opened the windows and get some relief from the breeze.

At my doctor's office I have to wait to see the doctor. Then I have to wait to make sure I don't react to the shot. Again, I thought it would be a simple get the shot and leave deal so I didn't have any food or my water. Stupid stupid.

I finally got to leave, cranky and tired. I got home and shoved some food in my mouth and went to bed.

Funny thing about the broken air conditioner in our new car: I was pushing the wrong button. If it had been frosty, my back window would have been cleared, but the car still wouldn't have been cooled. The air does work and I know exactly which button to push for next time I'm cranky and hot and trying to get a shot. Thankfully that won't be again for a long time.

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  1. If there is a comment card at the end of this pregnancy business, I will suggest that all places preggo ladies need to go have water coolers and free snacks available.