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Monday, June 1, 2009

Quebec City

J and I decided early on in this pregnancy to take one last trip together before September (aka, a babymoon). That trip was this past weekend to Quebec City. We chose Quebec City because neither of us had been and it was not too far to drive. We booked last Friday and today off work a while ago, but only booked our hotel Thursday night. That was J's brainchild since I was of the mind that "showing up and seeing what happens" hasn't failed us before, but I was happy with our accomodations.

Quebec City is old and partially walled-in. You can read all about it on Wikipedia, but basically, what you need to know, if you haven't been, is that almost everything is within walking distance and there are a lot of hills. We did what my Lonely Planet Canada book said to do: got to the city, parked the car and had a good time. We walked everywhere. Why two people like ourselves (one with multiple missing toenails, the other with an extra 20 pounds to lug around with a bad leg) decided on a walking trip is beyond me. But it worked and we're sore but happy.

We saw all the major landmarks (the citadel, parliament, and wall, the latin quarter, the parks, the narrowest street, the funicular, Place Royale) on foot in the rain. I might have complained about all the walking and the rain and tried to hide my shortness of breath with made-up photo-ops, but I wouldn't have changed anything. We had a great time.

I don't think I would choose to go back to Quebec City only because I could go somewhere else, but I'm glad we went. It's a beautiful city that does feel similar to some European cities we've been to (Frankfurt and Florence to me).

We took lots of pictures that are now up on Picasa. I'm keeping them private but will share them with you if you let me know you'd like to see them - comment or send me an email.

Today was a bonus day since we got home yesterday early evening. We slept in, did laundry, got groceries, went swimming/to the gym and lounged about. Tomorrow we're back to work. At least it's a short week.


  1. ME ME ME!!!
    I want to see! :D
    You know the addy.

  2. I'd like to see the pictures too...

    I went to Quebec city in the winter during Carnivale for my christmas gift from the fam one year..soooper cool. Especially the ice on the St Lawrence. Great idea to take a holiday.

    Ps I'm totally asking to see your holiday pics because I want to see pictures of you. Is that weird?

  3. Ooooh! I would love to see your Quebec photos too! :) It sounds like you had a great time. I love Quebec City. I never get tired of it for some reason, even though I've been there 3 times.