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Monday, June 15, 2009

Purple toes, by design

Last Thursday night, I dragged myself out of the house, after a huge, long, disorienting nap, all the way across town to have my first pedicure. Apparently being a 28 year old female and never having a pedicure is just wrong, or so I've been told.

I don't much like my feet so when I was asked if I wanted a pedicure I hesitated. It was something I wanted to try and what better time than now, when I can hardly see my toes let alone bend over enough to get close to them. Really, it's not easy with a watermelon attached to your front. So anyways, I reluctantly agreed.

Thursday was hellish. I didn't sleep well Wednesday night (can't remember why) and was a zombie most of the day. Maybe work sucked, maybe it was fine... I really can't remember. All I know is that I came home and passed out and was still waking up when I picked up L and S.

We went to Mahogany and believe me, I was a big ball of nerves. (Fun fact: When I was born, we had a cat named Mahogany who used to sleep on my head.) The three of us were led into a room after being given drinks. We each had our own girl and it really wasn't all that bad. I've never had my feet touched so much and for so long, but now I have fancy purple toes that look like they belong to someone else and I can say I've had a pedicure.

And my toes are purple by choice.. unlike J who has purple toes because he doesn't run good.

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