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Monday, June 22, 2009


My last post was premature. After some "quality" time at work Friday afternoon and much debating and consulting with friends and family, I've decided to take my mat leave sooner. Nothing has been approved yet, but I'm hoping to have an end date set by the end of the week.

Now, the weekend. It wasn't a typical weekend: J went to a cottage party while I stayed in town. It worked out well since we now have two cars so J was able to stay at the cottage as short or as long as he wanted and I was able to go around town as I pleased. And did I ever!

Friday night I went shopping for a present - more on that later - and then saw my baseball girls play. The game was part of a local fundraising/memorial tournament and I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a lot of years. It was nice and social and I was still home early enough to convince myself I had enough steam left to watch some tv. I dragged myself to bed later than I should have, but that's typical when J's out of town.

Saturday was SM's shower. Her and LS are getting married the last weekend in August. It's a little too close to baby-time so we aren't going, but I was happy to go to her shower. Except that it was all the way across town. With lots of people I didn't know. Basically, I had a hard time getting myself there, but I had a good time once there. It was a fancy brunch, shower games and present opening. I got her some body products (pink grapefruit and sugar scent) and candy. I told her to not share with her groom-to-be, that it was all for her. After the shower, I made my way back across town but in a somewhat different direction - I went to see S&L. Turns out L and I had a good night. S slept the whole time. After that I checked in on the family cats, Whitey and Blackie, and took advantage of SJ's cable tv.

Sunday was Father's Day and my plan was to see my parents. J got home a little before I left. He stayed home to unpack the car and nap while I went and spent a few hours with my parents. That night we went to J's aunt and uncle's house for Father's Day / birthday dinner. The night was topped off with a competitive family contest of our bird and plane dollar store flyers (I can't explain it better than that). My bird was vicious and kept flying into people.

Last night, my little family was back together and happy.

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  1. SM should definitely share her pink grapefruit and sugar scented body products with LS.