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Friday, June 5, 2009

Meme, because I said so

Thank you all for your comments in response to my last post about exercise. So far my email reminders have been working. I managed to do the stretching Wednesday (once at work and at night). Yesterday my abs were still sore and I had my physio appointment so I didn't do the night stretches (my prerogative). Today I've done the ab stretches and will hopefully do the night ones too. I think it may be working.

I also realized that I've been sleeping more often on my back, which aggravates the nerve, which makes the pain in my leg worse. I am going to try harder to sleep on my sides.

I have lots and lots of stuff swirling around in my head these days. It actually kept me awake two nights ago. I try to write things down so I can "let go" but it doesn't seem to be working. The only way I know to combat this is to get things done. That way I know I'm working towards getting things organized/cleaned/decided on and my mind will slow down. Here's hoping.

For now, I am going to do a meme that Hannah at BrightestBlue and T at The Quack Attack have done. There will be some questions I'm not answering because I just couldn't be bothered and honestly I'm not much of a love/hate type of person. I like things and dislike things, but I'm not very polar.

1. Most loved food: I think pizza takes the cake on this one. Hmm.. cake. Problem is I have a sweet tooth but I also crave salty things. Let's go with pizza.

2. Most loved person: A weird guy ahead of me in high school, just after breaking up with his girlfriend, said that you have to be completely comfortable with who you are before you can give yourself completely to someone. It may have been his drug-induced state, but what he said makes a lot of sense. I married J before I was 100% comfortable with myself, but with his help, I've gotten there. That is my answer.

3. Most loved job: I've had a lot of jobs, but the one that gave me the most satisfaction was probably my paper route when I was a kid. I stashed away all my loonies (this was when the loonie was first introduced) and then spent all my money on the DickiDee for the next couple of summers. I've been thinking a lot about job satisfaction lately and how I don't have much. I don't know that I will ever have a job that fulfills me and have started being okay with that fact.

4. Most loved city: To live in, that would obviously be Ottawa and area. I grew up here and have chosen to settle here. To travel to would probably be Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It was beautiful and we had a great time and I would definitely go back. I don't say that about many places I've traveled to.

5. Most loved band: I listen to a Counting Crows CD every night before bed, but I've seen Green Day 3 times in concert (and have tickets for their upcoming show!) I'm more of a radio type girl though since I tend to get bored with music pretty quickly.

6. Most loved website: Google Reader - It allows me to get all the updates on all the websites I frequent without having to go to each one. Does that count?

7. Most loved TV show: I don't have just one. With a PVR I've been watching more and more shows and I love that most of them are going with the continuing theme (as opposed to just stand-alone episodes).

8. Most loved movie: Again, I don't have a favourite. I do like the Disney/Pixar movies and I like to laugh and be scared, but I don't much like going to the theater.

9. Most loved artist: I don't have one.

10. Most loved book: If Wishes Were Horses by W.P. Kinsella. It's one of the few books I own. I prefer to borrow books, but I will buy a Lonely Planet guide before I travel somewhere.

11. Most loved shop: Don't have one of these either.

12. Most loved organization: I don't donate a lot of money to organizations (I hope to donate more and more as I make more and more money).

13. Most loved historical event: I've got nothing.

14. Most loved sport: Hockey and baseball ("fastpitch softball" as they call it these days) are what I play and have always played. These days though I consider carrying a load of laundry up two flights of stairs a sport.

15. Most loved piece of technology: I never thought I would say this, but our universal remote. Without it I would not be able to turn the tv on let alone watch tv OR play XBOX. Amazing.

16. Most loved annual event: I'm going to have to go with my birthday.



  1. Pizza is my hubby's favorite food too. We make it at home and order it constantly!
    What are your favorite toppings and place to order it from?

  2. Hannah - we're actually pretty limited where we live with places to order from. We normally order from Pizza Pizza. I worked there for years and didn't eat red meat for a long time so I tend to not order the typical combinations. I mix it up.
    Recently though, not liking chicken much, I've been thrown off and am shying away from my old favourite: chicken-mushroom-pineapple.