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Thursday, June 18, 2009


J and I are finally at a point in our lives that we can save. This may be short-lived so it's worth mentioning.

We started dating in university when I was accumulating debt and he was about breaking even. We got married right out of school and pooled our resources: my 4-years-of-university-living-away-from-home debt and his small amount of money. We worked hard and got out of the hole in 4 months. Then we started saving. We wanted a down payment for a house. We got that and then we bought the house. Bye bye savings.

Now, we've both been working in the government and recently both got raises. We actually have money that we can put aside every paycheque. How novel. So we've been going to the bank and putting money directly on our mortgage. It goes towards paying off the principle not taxes like our bi-weekly payment seems to do. And it feels awesome.

Who knows what the future holds and how much longer we can keep this up. They say babies are expensive and we'll be bringing home less money - not much less with the parental leave top ups provided by work, but less.

It's just so nice seeing that huge negative number get a little closer to $0.00.

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  1. Paying down the mortgage... what a feeling, eh? I can't imagine what paying that last negative dollar will feel like. Think I'll throw a party!...'re invited - see you in 437 years!