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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


With my growing body exercise has become painful and therefore elusive. Even walking hurts most days. I'm trying to combat this, the leg pain, with physio and it's working except I don't do my part - I don't do my stretches. It's like I'm back in piano lessons, disappointing my teacher and my parents every week when I didn't practice. I never lived up to my potential because I just couldn't do it on my own.

This is a big part of my personality and why I excel at team sports and not individual ones. Running is the only thing I've done for myself, but I train better when signed up for a race. This attitude flows throughout my life, not only in sports - I need either people depending on me (like in team sports) or a deadline or set goal (like when running races). When it's just for me I can't get motivated.

Even when it's my body, with my stretches and physio, I can't do it. It is so frustrating and after my physio today I had a full-on pity party. Why can't I do my stretches? Why is my body doing this to me? Why can't I have my body back? It was awful.

I took some action. I use Google Calendar so I set up some reminders for myself. I don't know how it's going to work or even IF it's going to work, but I need to do this. For myself. If you have any tips, please let me know. Can I change my personality enough to get better?


  1. I think you're on the right track, scheduling and routine should help. It might also help if you overlap it with something else you enjoy and tie the two together. e.g. schedule stretching everyday in front of the TV watching a show you like.

  2. Having never been pregnant or having no prospects in the near future, I don't know if my opinion matters a whole lot but ...

    If you need someone to be depending on you, I believe that little one you are growing inside of you is depending on you to be the happiest and healthiest Mommy you can be ... and in terms of deadlines, well, that's coming quickly! :P

    I find, with myself, I tend not to commit to change until I'm absolutely disgusted with myself ... I wouldn't encourage you, or anyone, to take my approach.

  3. Dude, apparently Jerry Seinfeld had a productivity called "don't break the chain" . you have a calendar and every day you do whatever it is you need to do. Some stretches, writing jokes, whatever. Every day you do some (doesn't have to be all..) you put a big X on the day. Your only job the next day is to not break the chain. Do some or all your stretches and put your X.

    Yuor only job is to not break the chain. It works! I thin ksomewhere online there is an app for this where you fill squares in red and you have to keep the red going. Good luck!

  4. I'm exactly the same as you in terms of exercise! I need someone else motivating me in order to get off my ass. It makes daily solo yoga practice very hard!

  5. What if you signed up for a yoga class? I think they have ones specifically meant for mommies-to-be. Then I think you can even go once the little one gets here for Mommy and Me classes! Fun!

    Then your practice everyday is so that you can hold your poses for longer during your classes. Really good stuff mentally too for relaxing and de-stressing.

    Good luck with it!