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Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is pouring. Absolutely coming down. And J wants to go for a run. Good luck with that, babe! We got caught in the rain yesterday too. These are the April showers we didn't get last month. I don't mind the rain, really, but I don't like being caught in it. Last year, it rained every Monday and Tuesday night in May and June. I remember specifically because those were the nights I had sports.

This morning I'm doing what I do most Saturdays: laundry and catching up on tv. It's a routine that I quite enjoy. This week I watched a lot of my recorded shows so I don't have much to watch this morning. I felt like I was by myself a lot and was hit by a whack of hormones last night. I didn't know I could cry so much. Such is the life of most preggos I know.

Earlier this week I got wet on purpose: J and I went swimming. Ever since running got painful I've wanted to try swimming. After checking out a local pool last weekend, I was more comfortable with the idea. J and I went after work Wednesday to get me a bathing suit. My bikins just don't cut it anymore. I found a nice sporty two-piece and we both got goggles. We went kinda last minute Thursday night to another pool for a leisure swim (unlike lane swimming, the pool isn't divided and you end up getting splashed by fat kids, in my limited experience anyway). I relearned how to do front crawl and breast stroke and got used to my goggles.

Being in the changeroom with mostly younger girls was a strange thing: I was so self conscious of my stomach. J had to keep telling me to stop sucking it in when I emerged only a little scarred. Now I'm quite sure swimming will be good for exercise when I can no longer run. All we need is a second lock and possibly a membership.

I don't know exactly what's going on this weekend. We have things to do for sure, but nothing crucial past getting groceries. Hopefully i can keep my hormones in check and stay dry.

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  1. It's difficult for me to envisage you getting all emotional ... I'm kind of disappointed I'm not there to witness it! ;)

    At least it will all end with the best emotion of all - holding that baby in your arms!

    ... Okay, now I'm getting all emotional :P