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Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

This was the busiest weekend we've had recently. I can't remember what we did Friday night but I have enough to fill pages and pages from Saturday and Sunday so who cares!

Saturday was day one of the big race weekend in town. I signed up for the 5K a while ago thinking I would totally still be in charge of my body. How wrong I was! Even so, we went, we walked and we conquered. Walking was the weirdest thing ever. It takes away the competitive mentality and the urgency. I am in no way converted. I miss running like you would not believe, but I did what I could and had fun with it.

We pinned my bib to my stomach and a baby on board sign to my back (thanks L for that great idea). J and I walked hand in hand and we got so many comments from other runners and walkers and spectators. It was fun and emotional and everything I wanted. And I did it, we walked right through the finish line.

We kept walking right back to the car so that we could get home, pretty ourselves up and get to the wedding. This wasn't just any wedding, it was the Hot 89.9 Married in 24 Hours wedding. B and K won it (I still don't know how) but the wedding was a ton of fun. We missed the ceremony but we didn't miss the party. Everything was provided - buffet style food and dessert and screech shots and colourful shooters. Rides home were provided so people inbibed and some who got "screeched in" were actually from Newfoundland. I missed seeing a guy make out with a fish but it happened.

Congratulations B and K!

We left earlier than we would have normally because Sunday was race day #2 and started early. J hit the streets at 9am along with his ma and pa to run 21.1K. We weren't sure how he'd do and SJ and I waited patiently about half way through the course to cheer on our runners. I was quite happy when J bobbed up beside us looking good. A bit later, J's dad walked by and later J's mom ran by. They were all happy with their times, though J had a nasty surprise waiting for him when he took off his shoes: 3 blood blisters. He had lost one toenail two weeks ago and has lost another 2 now. He was in pain and needed a nap. I don't blame him.

I got way too much sun and have been having trouble sleeping this week with the burns on my shoulders. So this week has been long but I just realized that tomorrow is our last work day. We booked off Friday and Monday and are heading to Quebec City for a little trip (some might say a "babymoon"). I'm quite looking forward to it. Now I go get some sleep so tomorrow is as zombie-ish as today.


  1. Ah! You did the "baby on board" thing? Awesome! Are there pictures?

    "J and I walked hand in hand"; that is incredibly lovely and cute. :)

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. There are indeed pictures, well just one of my back, but more of the races. I am still figuring out Picasa and haven't made al my pictures public, but I will share the race pictures with you.

    - k