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Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's hard to blog about my life when something much bigger is happening. Something this big puts things into perspective. My worries suddenly seem small and silly.

I'm talking about live organ donation. One of J's uncles recently went under the knife and gave one of his kidneys to his brother, another of J's uncles. Both uncles are doing well from all reports.

It has been an interesting journey to watch. Uncle D with the under-performing kidneys was told he needed a transplant. His wife and three brothers jumped into action, all getting testing as soon as they could. Two of the brothers were a perfect match. More testing followed and decisions were made between the two potential donors. Uncle B was the winner and a date for the surgery was set.

Having watched too much tv, I thought it would be a dual operation with both men in the same room, kidney out of one and directly in the other. It didn't exactly happen that way, but it happened. Uncle B's kidneys are both functioning well: one in his body and the other in Uncle D's body.


The Kidney Foundation has way more information that I could ever tell you.


  1. Glad to hear that both uncle D and uncle B are on the road to recovery. I still find it amazing that operations such as this are even possible. The wonders of modern medicine!

  2. I hope both are still doing well...