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Monday, May 4, 2009


It's a little after 8am on Monday morning and what do I hear... the sound of a can of pop being opened. At this hour? Really? Though maybe it's juice or something else that isn't carbonated, but that sound screams COLA.

Wednesday afternoon, I had the ultrasound of my leg. They were checking for blood clots and thankfully didn't find any. Now it's up to the physiotherapist to make me better. That starts this afternoon and I didn't run yesterday so that my muscles would be ready for whatever happens at these appointments.

Saturday we went downtown to see the tulips and meet up with A&S, S&L and L's sister and boyfriend. Truth is, there weren't many tulips out yet so we walked around Major's Hill Park and eventually found a gelato place (this time last year we were enjoying gelatos on Italy...) A&S came over for dinner afterwards.

Sunday was a lot of running around. We finally checked out a city pool where I'm thinking of swimming. I was worried lane swimming was like a traffic jam of super fit people all with perfect form. What I saw made me feel much more comfortable about dragging my inflated belly back and forth in the water and calling it exercise. Now I just need a bathing suit. I dropped J off at the gym so he could work out and run home and I went to see my parents. I got all sorts of news about my family and told them about my upcoming physio and potential swimming. But the main event of the day was dinner with my baseball girls in honour of JK&M getting married this month and then a comedy show at Absolute Comedy. I was pleased that we hadn't seen any of the comics before and quite liked the warm-up act and both headliners.

I was exhausted by the time we got home but the good kind of exhaustion where I know I spent my weekend among family and friends and was happy to collapse into bed with my little family: an exhausted J, a kicking baby-in-my-belly, and a purring cat. I have it good.

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