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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When quotes resonate

I like quotes. There's something about reading words written by someone else that mean something to me. Lyrics are good too, especially when it's a good song.

This morning, while I was at home waiting for the guy to come and fix the water heater that crapped out sometime last night, I was watching tv. The words below were said in the opening scene to the show I was watching:

time is priceless yet it costs us nothing
you can do anything you want with it but own it
you can spend it but you can't keep it
and once you've lost it there's no getting it back
it's just gone

A couple of days ago it hit me that my life is going to change dramatically in not too long. Also, that my body, which is changing every single day, will never be the same as it was. Neither is a bad thing and I'm quite happy being pregnant and quite looking forward to having a baby.

Having a whole day off gave me a lot of time to think about the quote and my changing life. At least the guy came inside the window we were told and fixed the heater and I was able to clean. Sandy didn't like being locked up for the hour, but forgave me by sleeping in her jail for most of the afternoon. Interesting.

J got home from work early and we were able to spend some time together walking around the neighbourhood while it was still light out. Leaving the house was much needed for me.

Today was the kind of time well spent and my belly is only slightly larger than it was yesterday.

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