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Friday, April 24, 2009

Regular week

Who knew that a regular 5-day work week would be so hellish? The hell started early Monday morning when a new admin started just down the hall from me. She has the most annoying voice I've ever heard and because she's an admin, she talks all the time. I don't normally keep my iPod on all day because too many people call me and come to see me, but it was on the minute she opened her mouth and packed up when I left for the day. It's been this way all week. And, to drive my point home, I was looking forward to meetings this week if I meant I wouldn't have to hear her voice. I don't normally enjoy meetings. At all.

I need to get some new music.

Yesterday was busy. I had yoga at lunch, a massage after work and a hair cut at night. All this after a crappy sleep and a full day of work.

Yoga was good. It was the second last class and there won't be another session. I might have to start going to the gym regularly. Too bad my body feels like I've been at the gym every day even though I haven't. Maybe I'll just work on running 5K so I don't die on race day.

I've been seeing a massage therapist because of some pain in my leg. My doctor thinks it's the extra weight (you'd think I'd gained 100 pounds, but no, not even 10) pushing against the nerves in my back making my right quad go numb. Good times. Yesterday I got to try the pregnancy pillows. They were hard to get onto because they slid around the table, but once I was all set up, it felt good. I felt kind of drunk afterwards, a feeling I am no longer used to. I sat in the car awhile before driving away.

My haircut was a bit of a disaster. I was afriad what it would look like this morning when it was up to me to style it. Turns out I like how it looks today better than last night. It's not a dramatic change and no one has noticed so far. I do have pictures, but not for posting. Yet.

Speaking of pictures, my Pro Flickr account expires in May so I've stopped posting my pictures there. I've looked into Picasa, which is linked to Google (I do everything through Google so Picasa will fit in nicely). There's an application to migrate all Flickr pictures to Picasa. It even keeps your tags and descriptions. I tried it out, but wasn't able to get more than 2 pictures transferred. I need the help of a techie and thankfully am married to one. I just need to strap him to the computer chair and make him help me. Easier said than done.

Back to work and music.

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