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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Racing - A History

May 2005 was the first time I signed up for and ran a race since cross-country in high school. That year I did the 5K in the National Capital Race Weekend. I didn't know how far 5K was to run and all of my training happened on a treadmill at the gym. I didn't know then that the treadmills are in miles so I was running 5 miles (8K). The race went by much quicker than my training runs.

The year after I did the 10K. I was quite pleased with myself having never run that far in my life.

2007 was going to be my break through year. I was training for the half marathon, but ended up with a calf injury. I did the 10K instead.

My breakthrough came last year when I trained for a completed the half marathon in the Army Run.

This year I really want to run in the May race again. So J and I signed up for the 5K. This will be my only race while pregnant so let's hope I make it the whole way. My goal is not to beat my previous time or even to run the whole way. My goal is to cross the finish line and stay active and healthy while I grow a new life.

Suggestions for what to put on my t-shirt are welcome.


  1. Good for you - and baby!

    For some reason the words "Bun Run" popped into my head why you asked what to put on your shirt. Playing off of "Fun Run" and "Bun in the Oven" ... I know it's silly ... but this will be the Bun's only run, right? LOL!

  2. How about a shirt with a picture of the "Baby on Board" car sign on the back?
    For a slightly more "sucka!" saying: you can have written on the back "Pregnant and ahead of you".