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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Work In Progress

The Work In Progress that is my life seemed to strike a chord with some of you reading. I guess no one knows what's going on, really. I know for me, I need to appreciate the things that I have, because I have everything I need. Maybe I need to take stock. I think too that it's part of our culture, a consumerist culture, to want things and to measure our happiness in "things".

For anything positive to happen, I need to be in the right frame of mind. I'm getting there by getting enough sleep, enough exercise and eating well. The hardest of the three is eating well. Even though my schedule isn't very full, I find it hard to have time to prepare food. I've read over and over that preparing your own meals instead of eating out is cheaper and healthier. Why can't I do it? Why is cooking such a chore? Definitely something I have to work on, more so than getting enough sleep and enough exercise.

Apart from the big things, I've tried making some smaller changes. I don't know why these make me happy but I'm taking my time in the shower and taking my time when I walk places and I'm less road-ragey when I drive (which isn't often). I think I was impatient before, and probably still am, but accepting the fact that I have to commute to work instead of being resentful of the time I have to spend in transit is cathartic.

What else is cathartic? Eating mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt that tastes like it's actually ice cream and taking the time to tell you about it.

Oh, the dusting of snow from Sunday did melt. Bring on real spring with warmer weather. I want to be able to run outside more regularly because I want to run the 5K race at the end of May. That is not a thing that I want, it's a goal. Running a race and learning to enjoy cooking. That'll keep me busy.


  1. It's the little things that make life worth living! :)
    I think it's fantastic that you're making this discovery now, rather than in mid-life when you've already lost all that time.
    You might want to Google "mindfulness meditation" ... I know it helps me.

  2. Umm, where did you find this delectable-sounding mint chocolate chip frozen yogourt????